Welcome to the virtual tour of Pitsford Hall weather station. Pictured below is the main rooftop enclosure. Click on any equipment for further information. For information on the station's anemometers (not pictured) or instruments contained in the station office (barometers etc.) click here.

The station is normally closed to the general public. However, visits can be arranged for individuals or small groups. Please contact the office on 01604 880306 extension 314 to arrange a booking.

Evaporation Pan Tilting Syphon Rainfall Recorder Raingauge Tipping Bucket Raingauge Concrete slab and concrete minimum thermometer Representative grass patch Tilting Syphon Rainfall Recorder Standard Stevenson screen Large pattern Stevenson screen Temperature and humidity sensor for the automatic weather station Rainfall sensor for the automatic weather station Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder