Pictured above is the main instrument panel attached to the automatic weather station. Both hardware and software is manufactured by Instromet Ltd and the system was introduced at the start of 2007 to replace an early Davis Vantage Pro model that had been in use for some time and which was becoming increasingly unreliable.

Separate sensors monitor air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, barometric pressure and tendency, wind speed and direction, sunshine duration and rainfall. Every 15 minutes weather information is collected and archived by means of a separate datalogger and relayed online via this web site. Data is normally relayed via LAN. However, a back-up dial-up connection can be deployed in the event of network problems. Attached to the system is a Creative Live Cam Optia Pro web cam which provides a snap shot of the sky north of the weather station each time new weather data is captured. In addition to providing weather data online, the system can also be accessed by telephone.

The automatic weather station at Brixworth uses the same system and provides a useful back-up at times when the AWS is down for maintenance or for technical issues.

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