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A summary of severe weather warnings and other notable weather extremes for Northamptonshire since February 1998.

Severe Weather Records from Previous Years:
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9 January

Temperatures fall sharply between 16:00 and 16:10hrs associated with the passage south-eastwards through the county of cold front. A drop of 2.3C is recorded at Pitsford (8.5C at 16:00, followed by 6.2C 10 minutes later). Winds also switch from a steady south-westerly to a north-westerly at the same time.

Sudden drop in temperature and wind direction associated with the passage of a cold front during the late afternoon of 9 January 2017.

23 February

Storm Doris sweeps across the county causing widespread travel disruption. Wind speeds at Pitsford reach gale force during the afternoon with a peak gust of 57.9mph recorded at 14:47.  Several roads are closed due to fallen trees and branches, including Bridge Street and Abington Street in Northampton town centre, and there are reports of trees having fallen on to houses in Daventry and Holcot. Sidewind causes a lorry to overturn on the A43 near Hannington.  A glass panel on the roof of the Hope Centre in Northampton becomes partially detached causing the area to be cordoned off to the public. Winds gradually die down during the evening.

Trends in pressure, wind speed, peak gusts and rainfall during Storm Doris beginning at 18:00hrs on 22nd February.

Averages used in these reports refer to the period 1981-2010 unless otherwise indicated.