d a i l y   w e a t h e r   r e p o r t

f r o m   p i t s f o r d   w e a t h e r   c e n t r e

released at 09:15 on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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The remnants of yesterday’s storm will clear the north of Scotland today and then conditions across the UK will become fairly slack. Frontal systems will move into the southern half of the UK this evening and overnight.


It is a bright and sunny picture across the county this morning heralding what will be a generally fine day. The sunshine will continue until around lunchtime with cloud amounts then tending to increase from the south-west during the afternoon. We still have a gentle to moderate southerly breeze this morning, but the wind will continue to ease through the day backing south-easterly. It will be a cooler day compared to yesterday with highs reaching 15C. Outbreaks of rain will tend to spread up from the south this evening, continuing overnight. Lows will fall to around 10C.


Some patchy outbreaks of light rain will still be around first thing on Wednesday, but we are looking at an improving prospect with conditions becoming drier through the morning. It will, however, remain cloudy throughout the rest of the day. It will be cooler still with highs reaching 13C in a light southerly breeze. Lows overnight are unlikely to fall much below 12C. Thursday is likely to be a rather unsettled day with patchy outbreaks of light rain during the day and with a gentle to moderate breeze from the south-west. Highs will reach 16C. A band of fairly heavy rain will track eastwards through the county overnight clearly eastwards before dawn on Friday. Lows will fall to around 11C. Friday will be a largely fine and settled day ahead of some wet and very windy conditions on Saturday.


Data captured: 15/10/2017 17:05:12


Current Conditions


Current Temperature: 11.0 °C
Temperature Change in Last Hour: -0.4 °C
Relative Humidity: 81 %
Atmospheric Pressure: 1018.1 mb
Pressure Tendency: Rising (0.4 mb in 3 hrs)
Wind Direction: SSW
Wind Speed: 8.9 mph
Maximum Wind Gust in Last 10 Minutes: 13.4 mph


Data for 15/10/2017


Maximum Air Temperature: 20.9 °C at 11:37
Minimum Air Temperature: 9.4 °C  at 7:19
Total Rainfall: 0.0 mm
Maximum Wind Gust: 35.8 mph at 16:14
Total Sunshine: 2.1 hrs




Sun rose this morning at 07:32
Sun sets this evening at 18:04
Moon phase: Waning Crescent
Moon rises at 04:34 and sets at 17:33



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