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released at 09:16 on Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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A deep area of low pressure over Iceland is now driving frontal systems south-eastwards across the British Isles. However, activity along these fronts is diminishing as they head southwards encountering high pressure over the near continent. This high is expected to remain firm across the south over the next few days.


It is another grey and misty prospect across the county this morning and it is likely to remain so for much of the day. Despite the cloud it should stay dry across many areas, although western parts of the county could catch the odd passing light shower later this morning. It will feel a touch milder than we have been experiencing of late with a change in wind direction to a light westerly. Highs will reach 14C. The cloud will tend to thin and break by late afternoon and clear skies overnight will allow temperatures to fall back to 8C despite the milder westerly breeze.


High pressure will be in charge across the region tomorrow. Once the early morning mist clears, we are looking at a fine and dry day. There will be some spells of sunshine through the morning, but cloud amounts will tend to build into the afternoon. Highs tomorrow will reach 14C once again, still with a light westerly breeze. Overnight lows will fall to around 11C. Likewise, Friday is also set fair. Perhaps a little cloudy at first, but the sunshine will work through the cloud by the afternoon. It will feel a touch milder still with highs reaching 15C in a light southerly breeze. Lows overnight will fall to 11C. The high pressure is set to remain in charge over the weekend and, with its centre positioned over the Low Countries, will draw up milder air from the south. We are set to enjoy some good sunshine through Saturday and Sunday.


Data captured: 26/10/2016 09:19:59


Current Conditions


Current Temperature: 10.1 °C
Relative Humidity: 93 %
Dew Point: 5.5 °C
Cloud Base: 114 m
Atmospheric Pressure: 1025.2 mb
Pressure Tendency: Rising slowly (0.2 mb in 3 hrs)
Wind Direction: S
Wind Speed: 3.5 mph


Data for 25/10/2016


Maximum Air Temperature: 12.7 °C at 15:50
Minimum Air Temperature: 8.4 °C  at 04:08
Total Rainfall: 0.1 mm
Maximum Wind Gust: 11.4 mph at 09:02
Total Sunshine: 0.8 hrs




Sun rose this morning at 07:49
Sun sets this evening at 17:45
Moon phase: Waning Crescent
Moon rises at 03:06 and sets at 16:24

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