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  Current temperature:  0.2 C
  Maximum temperature*: 2.2 C  at 19:00
  Minimum temperature*: 0.2 C  at 22:45
  Wind Chill:  0.2 C

  Relative humidity: 100 %
  Dew Point: 0.2 C 
  Cloud base: 0 m  

  Rain in past 15 mins : 0 mm
  Rain today: 0.14 mm
  Rain yesterday: 10.4 mm
  Rain this year: 65 mm

  Current wind: 2 mph
  Maximum wind (last 15 mins): 3 mph
  Minimum wind (last 15 mins): 0 mph
  Wind speed trend: (None)
  Maximum gust* : 20 mph at 02:28

  Wind direction: WNW
  Wind direction trend :  (Veer)

  Sunshine today: 0 hrs
  Sunshine yesterday: 3.43 hrs
  Sunshine this year: 47 hrs

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Current weather readings (alternative units)

Current temperature:  32.4 F
Maximum temperature*: 36 F  at 19:00
Minimum temperature*: 32.4 F  at 22:45
Wind Chill:  32.4 F

Relative humidity: 100 %
Dew Point: 32.4 F 
Cloud base: 0 ft    

Rain in past 15 mins : 0 in
Rain today: 0.006 in
Rain yesterday: 0.409 in
Rain this year: 3 in

Current wind: 2 kts or 4 kph
Maximum wind (last 15 mins): 3 kts or  6 kph
Minimum wind (last 15 mins): 0 kts or 0 kph
Wind speed trend: (None)
Maximum gust* : 17 kts or 31 kph at 02:28           

Wind direction: WNW
Wind direction trend :  (Veer)

Sunshine today: 0 hrs
Sunshine yesterday: 3.43 hrs
Sunshine this year: 47 hrs

Pressure (sea level): 29.1 in Hg or 740 mm Hg 
Pressure tendency:

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Automatic Weather Station - Information

The automatic weather station at Pitsford Hall captures data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunshine, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and tendency, evapotranspiration and uv radiation every 10-15 minutes. If the station has not uploaded data for some time, please check our status report for an explanation. Data indicated * refers to the previous 12 hours.

Two hardware systems are used. Most of the data is obtained using equipment manufactured by Instromet Ltd  with supplementary data using Davis equipment. Users are reminded that data from the automatic weather station does not constitute the station's official record. For accurate data, users should consult the manual readings taken using standard instruments at 0900 GMT available here.

The station also benefits from having a Boltek lightning detection system which can provide an early warning of approaching thunderstorms across the county as well as a fully automated email messaging service (TSentry). You can dial up the automatic weather station for the latest weather data on the move (07807 551391) as well as receive SMS text messages.

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