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Pitsford Weather Centre is a long term community service project and is managed by the Department of Geography at Pitsford School. The weather centre was established in 1998 by four Sixth Form students. For many years the centre's climatological record was maintained by generations of student observers making manual observations at 0900hrs using classical instruments. However, all observations are now made using two automatic weather stations. The main meteorological enclosure occupies a secure rooftop location and comprises a range of standard instruments and electronic sensors.

The weather centre releases a forecast each day, the Daily Weather Report, and at the end of each month publishes a review of the previous month's weather in its journal, Monthly Weather Report. The centre is a regular contributor to articles in the local press, features on local radio and has even attracted the attention of TV film crews.

Sponsorship of the weather centre by individuals and companies is always appreciated. We are a non-profit making organisation and one of our aims is to make quality weather data available free of charge to the public. In the past, we have been supported by Barclaycard, Northampton Science Park, British Timkin, Constain Skanska and Transco. If you would like to sponsor the work of the weather station or the weather centre, we would be happy to hear from you.

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