The Hadley Meteorology Prize is awarded each year by Pitsford School to the student showing the greatest level of commitment to the work of Pitsford Hall weather station. The prize has been endorsed by the Royal Meteorological Society, of which the station is a corporate member. Student observers at the weather station carry considerable responsibility in ensuring that the climatological record is maintained and that weather data is recorded accurately on a daily basis to the exacting standards of the United Kingdom Meteorological Office.

George Hadley lived between 1686 and 1768 and was the scientist first to describe the tropical circulation in 1753. He envisaged the heat surplus of the equatorial regions driving large-scale circulation cells consisting of air rising in the tropics and then sinking 30 degrees north and south. This sinking air would then flow back towards the equator. His simple idea was to become the basis of the general circulation of the atmosphere as it is understood today.

Recipients of the Hadley Meteorology Prize:

1999: Martin Sheehy

Martin Sheehy, winner 1999

2000: Simon Fleming
2001: Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin, winner 2001

2002: Alexander Harvey-Jones

Alex Harvey-Jones, winner 2002

2003: Rachel Toone

Rachel Toone, winner 2003

2004: Richard Nash

Richard Nash, Chief Observer and winner 2004

2005: Robert Greenhalgh

Robert Greenhalgh, Chief Observer and winner 2005

2006: Matthew Greenwood-Smith

Matthew Greenwood-Smith, one of the station's longest serving observers, wins the Hadley Met Prize in 2006.

2007: Christopher Boyson 

Christopher Boyson, Chief Observer and recipient of the Hadley Meteorology Prize in 2007.

2008: Steven Briggs

Steven Briggs, Chief Observer 2007-2008 and recipient of the Hadley Meteorology Prize in summer 2008.

2009: Matthew Gundel

Matthew Gundel. Chief Observer from 2008 to 2009.

2010 & 2011: Nicholas Peters

Nicholas Peters. Longest serving voluntary observer from 2008 to present & Chief Observer from 2009.

2012: Alexander Louden

Alexander Louden. Observer from 2010 to 2012. Also winner of Pitsford School's Andrew Goudie Geography Prize.

2013: Jade Eyles

2014: Aidan Lawrence


Roll of Honour (observers of the past)