w e a t h e r   r e v i e w s    f o r   2 0 1 7



Headline:  Largely unsettled apart from a protracted dry spell in the second half which saw temperatures tumble.


Headline:  Predominantly unsettled and mild with frequent low pressure systems tracking across the country, A brief incursion of colder air during the second week bringing showers of sleet and snow.


Headline:  Mild with a predominance of south or south-westerly winds. Exceptionally mild during the final week which produced one of the warmest March days on record.


Headline:  Temperatures fairly static and rainfall substantially below average.


Headline:  Initially cool and rather cloudy, but then steadily warming but becoming unsettled at times with slow moving or stationary weather fronts bringing significant falls of rain. The first month of 2017 with above average rainfall.


Headline:  Unsettled at the start with most of the month’s rain falling within the first 9 days. Then turning warmer with a notable heatwave during the third week. Cooler, fresher and more unsettled towards the end.


Headline:  Temperatures generally in the low 20s with the exception of a few very warm days. Dry first half, wet second half.


Headline:  Generally cool and rather disappointing for summer with occasional wet spells. Becoming drier and warmer in the final week.




Unsettled for the most part with below average temperatures. A couple of milder spells early in the month and towards the end.


Headline:  Largely dry with rainfall substantially below average. Driest October locally since 1978. Mild for much of the month, but turning colder towards the end.