w e a t h e r   r e v i e w    f o r   2 0 1 6

Slightly above average in terms of temperature, but not as warm as other parts of Britain, East Anglia in particular. Rainfall below average, due in part to a particularly dry July.

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Summary for 2016

Air Temperatures: The Highest Maximum: 33.4C on 19/07 The Lowest Maximum: 4C on 13/02 The Highest Minimum: 17.3C on 13/09 The Lowest Minimum: -5.1C on 27/12 The Mean Maximum: 14.4C The Mean Minimum: 6.7C The Overall Mean: 10.6C Difference from the Yearly Mean: +0.1C Relative Humidity: Highest Relative Humidity: 100% on 21/01; 9 & 12/02; 11/03; 5,6/04; 09/09; 01/10; 12/11; 02/12 Lowest Relative Humidity: 20% on 09/10 Mean Relative Humidity: 80.9% Dew Point: The Highest Dew Point: 23.2C on 09/07 The Lowest Dew Point: -16.3C on 27/12 The Mean Dew Point: 2.9C Rainfall: Total: 582.2mm Percentage of the Yearly Mean: 88.4% Duration: 391.5hrs Highest 24 hour fall (0900 to 0900): 27.5mm on 08/03 Rain Days (>/=0.2mm): 182 Wet Days (>/=1.0mm): 138 Sunshine: Total Duration of Bright Sunshine: 1406.4hrs Sunniest day: 13.9hrs 30/08 No. of days without sunshine: 92 Percentage of the Yearly Mean: 101% The Highest Solar Radiation 1157W/m2 on 24/07 The Highest UV Index 7.1 on 24/07 Pressure (reduced to sea level): The Highest Pressure: 1042.6mb on 27/12 The Lowest Pressure: 971.93mb on 28/03 Mean Pressure: 1015.7mb

Winds Run of wind (mean over 24 hrs): 110miles The Highest Average Wind Speed: 26.7mph on 23/12 Run of wind (cumulative): 40092miles Highest Maximum Gust: 54mph on 03/03 Bearing of Maximum Gust: 338° No. of gusts of 50mph or more: 2 The Average Daily Wind Speed: 5.9mph

Winds from the Following Directions: N 68 NE 24 E 35 SE 24 S 101 SW 45 W 32 NW 37 Calm 0

Grass Lowest Grass Minimum: -7C on 16/02 Concrete Lowest Concrete Minimum: -7C on 16/02 Evaporatranspiration: 537.5mm Days with: Thunder: 11 Hail <5mm: 4 Hail >/=5mm: 0 Snow or snow & rain: 9 Snow lying: 3 Fog: 28 Air Frost: 27 Duration of Air Frost: 175.8hrs Ground Frost: 55 Gales: 0



Headline:  A cold snap around the middle of the month with a fall of snow, but otherwise generally mild for January. Wet during the first half of the month, becoming drier later.




Headline:  A month closer to normal compared with the mild and wet January.  Most of the month’s rain though fell on just a few very wet days.  Overall, this was the mildest winter in Northampton since 1989.




Headline:  Heavy rain on a few isolated days resulted in a wetter March than usual.  Also, temperatures were significantly below the norm.




Headline:  Changeable with temperatures below average for much of the month and showing no discernible warming trend.  Wet during the first fortnight, a little drier later.




Headline:  The month began promising with daytime temperatures tending to rise through the first week, but thereafter temperatures fluctuated with a late ground frost around mid month. A few days saw some prolonged rainfall, but generally the month was showery and drier than normal.




Headline:  Changeable. Temperatures generally around average, but showers frequent from the second week onwards.




Headline: Exceptionally dry. The driest July in Northampton since 1977.  Despite a brief hot spell in the second half of the month, temperatures were close to normal.




Headline: Mostly fine with some prolonged periods of dry and sunny weather. Most of the rain fell during the second half of the month in some intense downpours.




Headline: A warm month, particularly during the second week which saw the warmest September day on record.  Rainfall around average, but several days of prolonged sunshine.




Headline: Cool and cloudy with very little rainfall. Driest locally since 1978




Headline:  A changeable month with a succession of Atlantic lows bringing wet and windy conditions.  Colder than normal with frequent highs resulting in frequent Arctic airflows.



Headline:  A cold beginning and end with frequent mist and fog clearing to sunshine, but mild and fairly overcast in between.