Headline: a very average year – but the figures mask a year which features some significant weather highlights – the coldest spring for more than 50 years, a fine summer, notable St Jude’s Day storm and a mild but stormy December.

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Generally cold with a mild spell around the beginning and end. Prolonged spells of lying snow from 14th to 26th.

Mostly cold with a brief milder spell around mid-month. Average rainfall, but most falling on two days: 10th & 13th.

The coldest March on record in Northampton – dominated by a raw east or north-easterly airflow.


A dry month with plenty of sunshine. Cold initially, but temperatures then rising steadily towards mid-month, before turning more erratic.

Changeable with low pressure systems tracking slowly across the country, or remaining fairly stationary close by.

Cool with below average rainfall.


Sunniest and warmest July locally since 2006. Most of the rain falling during thunderstorms during the final week.


Mostly cyclonic with occasional extensions of the Azores high. The county remained sheltered from much of the rain which fell in areas further north and west.  The month brought to an end the warmest summer in the county since 2006.


Headline: Warm during the first and last weeks, otherwise cool and unsettled.


Headline:  Mostly warm and wet apart from a cold spell around the middle of the month. The wettest October locally for 26 years.


Headline:  A month of two halves – relatively mild and wet to begin with and then becoming drier and colder.


Headline:  Mild and windy. Largely dry during the first fortnight, then very wet.




Air Temperatures:    
The Highest Maximum: 32.1 C on 1st August
The Lowest Maximum: -2.5 C on 16th January
The Highest Minimum: 18.4 C on 23rd July
The Lowest Minimum: -7.6 C on 16th January
The Mean Maximum: 13.4 C  
The Mean Minimum: 6.0 C  
The Overall Mean: 9.7 C  
Difference from the Yearly Mean: -0.8 C  

Solar Radiation:    
Maximum (at 0900): 764.0 W/m^2 on 16th May
Mean (at 0900): 172.0 W/m^2  
Relative Humidity:    
Highest Relative Humidity (at 0900): 100% on 5th,10th,14th,16th January; 9th,10th,11th February; 15th,18th March; 12th April; 28th,29th May; 25th July; 19th,21st October; 1st, 18th, 22nd November; 2nd, 26th December
Lowest Relative Humidity (at 0900): 42.1 % on 3rd May
Mean Relative Humidity (at 0900): 84.6 %  
Dew Point: 
The Highest Dew Point (0900): 18.8 C on 23rd July
The Lowest Dew Point (at 0900): -5.9 C on 22nd January
The Mean Dew Point (at 0900): 6.5 C  
Total: 611.2 mm  
Percentage of the Yearly Mean: 92.8 %  
Duration: 588.3 hrs  
Highest 24 hour fall (0900 to 0900): 36.9 mm on 27th October
Rain Days (>/=0.2mm): 150   
Wet Days (>/=1.0mm): 112   
Total Duration of Bright Sunshine: 1304.8 hrs  
Sunniest day: 14.8 hrs on 20th July
No. of days without sunshine: 82   
Percentage of the Yearly Mean: 93.7 %  
Cloud cover (mean at 0900): 5.8 oktas  
Pressure (reduced to sea level):    
The Highest Pressure (at 0900): 1040.7 mb on 26th November
The Lowest Pressure (at 0900): 977.3 mb on 24th December
Mean Pressure (at 0900): 1015.7 mb  
Run of wind (mean over 24 hrs): 111.5 miles  
Mean daily wind speed: 6 mph  
Run of wind (cumulative): 40543 miles  
Highest Maximum Gust: 62 mph on 5th December
No. of gusts of 50mph or more: 2   
Highest wind strength (at 0900): 30 mph on 11th March
Mean wind strength (at 0900): 8.3 mph  

Winds from the Following Directions:    

N 39 NE 36 E 40 SE 37 S 72 SW 48 W 21 NW 54 Calm 12

Lowest Concrete Minimum: -6.5 C on 16th January
Mean Concrete Minimum: 5.7 C  
Piche 793.3 ml  
Days with:    
Thunder: 7   
Hail <5mm: 6   
Hail >/=5mm: 1   
Snow or snow & rain: 32   
Snow lying: 28   
Fog: 19   
Air Frost: 59   
Duration of Air Frost: 343.5 hrs  
Gales: 1   
Wettest month: 120.7 mm in  October
Driest month: 23.2 mm in  June
Warmest month: 19.1 C~ in  July
Coolest month: 2.5 C~ in  March
Sunniest month: 241.3 hrs in  July
Dullest month: 34.6 hrs in  January
Windiest month: 8.3 mph~ in  April
Calmest month: 3.8 mph~ in  July

~ denotes an average calculated for that month. © Pitsford Hall weather station