Headline: The wettest year since records began in Northampton in 1880. A total of 882.8mm beat the previous total of 874.3mm recorded in 1992. Temperatures were 0.9C below average and comparable to the early 1940s. The year was a complete contrast to 2011, the driest year locally since 1921.

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Review of 2011 and 2012 in the context of climate change in Northampton.


Headline: Generally mild and changeable, but with a rapid deterioration into cold conditions towards the end.


Headline:  A month of marked contrasts influenced by two main air masses – one very cold, the other mild.


Headline:  Essentially anticyclonic – very mild, dry with lengthy spells of sunshine.


Headline: Cold, dull and wet. The wettest April in Northampton since 1998 and the coldest since 1992.

Headline: Changeable for the most part, but with a  large blocking high introducing settled and very warm weather towards the end of the month.
Headline: Cool, dull and very wet. The wettest June since 2007 and the coolest since 1987.

For the most part dull, cool and very wet, although turning warm and sunny for a short while during the third week.


Cloudy and unsettled, but with temperatures above average.


Generally dry with most of the month’s rainfall falling in just a few days in the final week.  Warm to begin with, but temperatures on average disappointing for September.


Wet and dull with below average temperatures.


Wettest November in Northampton since 2009. Temperatures below average.


December began cold and sunny, but, as in November, low pressure became dominant during the month and it often rained, especially during the second half.



Air Temperatures:     
The Highest Maximum: 28.9 C on 19th August
The Lowest Maximum: 0.1 C on 8th February
The Highest Minimum: 17.1 C on 18th August
The Lowest Minimum: -13.0 C on 11th February
The Mean Maximum: 13.7 C   
The Mean Minimum: 6.1 C   
The Overall Mean: 9.9 C   
Difference from the Yearly Mean: -0.6 C   
Solar Radiation:     
Maximum (at 0900): 779.0 W/m^2 on 28th June
Mean (at 0900): 187.6 W/m^2   
Relative Humidity:     
Highest Relative Humidity (at 0900): 100% on January 13th,19th,30th  February 5th,29th  March 12th, 15th  April 13th June 21st July 31st August 7th October 20th-24th November 1st, 15th & December 3rd
Lowest Relative Humidity (at 0900): 56.4 % on 24th July
Mean Relative Humidity (at 0900): 85.7 %   

Dew Point:     
The Highest Dew Point (0900): 19.5 C on 28th June
The Lowest Dew Point (at 0900): -12.1 C on 11th February
The Mean Dew Point (at 0900): 7.2 C   
Total: 882.8 mm   
Percentage of the Yearly Mean: 134.1 %   
Duration: 753.0 hrs   
Highest 24 hour fall (0900 to 0900): 30.5 mm on 24th November
Rain Days (>/=0.2mm): 181    
Wet Days (>/=1.0mm): 139    
Total Duration of Bright Sunshine: 1190.1 hrs   
Sunniest day: 12.7 hrs on 28th July
No. of days without sunshine: 80    
Percentage of the Yearly Mean: 85.5 %   
Cloud cover (mean at 0900): 5.8 oktas   
Pressure (reduced to sea level):     
The Highest Pressure (at 0900): 1043.5 mb on 8th February
The Lowest Pressure (at 0900): 976.3 mb on 1st November
Mean Pressure (at 0900): 1015.2 mb   
Run of wind (mean over 24 hrs): 108.9 miles   
Mean daily wind speed: 5.9 mph   
Run of wind (cumulative): 39842 miles   
Highest Maximum Gust: 60 mph on 5th January
No. of gusts of 50mph or more: 4    
Highest wind strength (at 0900): 36 mph on 3rd January
Mean wind strength (at 0900): 8.8 mph   

Winds from the Following Directions:     

N 31 NE 22 E 19 SE 36 S 67 SW 63 W 40 NW 60 Calm 17

Lowest Concrete Minimum: -8.3 C on 4th February
Mean Concrete Minimum: 5.6 C   
Piche 674.95 ml   
Days with:     
Thunder: 5    
Hail <5mm: 6    
Hail >/=5mm: 0    
Snow or snow & rain: 7    
Snow lying: 11    
Fog: 23    
Air Frost: 35    
Duration of Air Frost: 222.3 hrs   
Gales: 2    

Monthly extremes:
Wettest month:  128.0  mm  in     April  
Driest month:  17.2  mm  in     February  
Warmest month:  17.5  C  in     August  
Coolest month:  3.5  C  in     February  
Sunniest month:  166.5  hrs  in     May  
Dullest month:  46.3  hrs  in     January  
Windiest month:  8.0  mph  in     April  
Calmest month:  4.7  mph  in     July  

~ denotes an average calculated for that month.

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