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Headline: Exceptionally mild for the time of year, apart from a brief cold snap in the third week. Vigorous Atlantic lows brought gales in the 11th and on the 18th in particular


Headline: A brief cold spell during the second week with snow, but otherwise generally mild and very wet.


Headline: Initially mild and very wet. Turning particularly cold towards the end of the third week before recovering to above average temperatures in the last week.


Headline: Very dry, unseasonably warm and sunny. The driest April locally since 1938.


Headline: The wettest May since local records began in Northampton which also included one of the wettest Bank Holiday weekends.


Headline: Largely dry for the first half of the month and then very wet making this the wettest June since records began in Northampton.


Headline: Mainly cyclonic with above average rainfall. Significant rainfall on the 20th triggering floods across south Northants.


Headline: Despite a wet spell around mid-month August was drier than usual with plenty of sunshine. A prevalence of north or north-westerly winds lowered temperatures to average or just below


Headline: Mostly dry for the first fortnight but then becoming increasingly unsettled and autumnal. A tornado was reported in Northampton on the 24th.


Headline: Largely anticyclonic and dry apart from significant rainfall around mid-month. Also mild apart from a distinctly autumnal spell during the third week.


Headline: A fairly typical November, although with some notable squalls and short-lived snow.


Headline: Wet and windy at times, but with a protracted dry and cool spell mid-month with some bitterly raw days 


Air Temperatures:
The Highest Maximum:   28.1C on 5th August
The Lowest Maximum:   0.2C on 8th February
The Highest Minimum:    15.5C on 15th July
The Lowest Minimum:   -5.8C on 7th February
The Mean Maximum:   14.5C
The Mean Minimum:   6.8C
The Overall Mean:   10.6C

Difference from the 1971-2000 mean: +0.2C

Relative Humidity:
Highest Relative Humidity (at 0900):  100% on 17th February; 13th April; 19th, 20th, 22nd & 27th November; 21st & 23rd December
Lowest Relative Humidity (at 0900):  44.6C on 27th June
Mean Relative Humidity (at 0900):  84.6%

Dew Point:
Highest Dew Point (at 0900):   16.1C on 12th June
Lowest Dew Point (at 0900):   -4.5C on 20th December
Mean Dew Point (at 0900):   7.7C

Total:      784.1mm
Duration:     544.8hrs
Highest 24 hour fall (from 0900):  68.8mm on 14th June
Rain Days (>/=0.2mm):    166
Wet Days (>/=1.0mm):    119

Difference from the 1971-2000 mean: 120.2%

Total Duration of Bright Sunshine:  1534.0hrs
Sunniest day:     13.9hrs on 31st July
Sunless days:     59
Cloud cover (mean at 0900):   5.6 oktas (70.0%)

Difference from the 1971-2000 mean: 115.9%

Pressure (reduced to sea level at 0900):
Highest Pressure:    1041.6mb on 13th & 14th December
Lowest Pressure:    976.0mb on 12th February
Mean Pressure:     1016.4mb

Run of wind (mean over 24 hrs):  122.3 miles
Mean daily wind speed:    6.6 mph
Run of wind:     44681.2 miles
Highest Maximum Gust:   65mph on 18th January
Other Gusts >/= 50mph:   59mph on 6th December, 51mph on 17th March & 50mph on 18th March
Highest wind strength (at 0900):  28.8mph on 28th December
Mean wind strength (at 0900):   7.9mph

Winds from the Following Directions:

N 52 NE 32 E 14 SE 18 S 65 SW 42 W 40 NW 58 Calm 43

Lowest Concrete Minimum: -7.1C on 20th December
Mean Concrete Minimum: 4.3C

Days with:
Thunder:  7
Hail <5mm:  4
Hail >/=5mm:  0
Snow or snow & rain: 8
Snow lying:  7
Fog:   9
Air Frost:  30
Duration of Air Frost: 174.5hrs
Gales:   3

With the exception of 2005, 2007 was cooler overall than the past few years in Northampton. The averaged temperature across the year was 10.6C, short of last year which recorded 11.1C and 2002, 2003 and 2004 which all averaged at 10.7C. Nevertheless, the year was still 0.2C above the long-term average and warmer than the averages recorded in 2000, 2001 and 2005.

Unsurprisingly, there were no record breaking temperatures in 2007. The warmest day was on 5th August with a shade temperature of 28.1C, far short of the 35.5C recorded in July 2006 or the 35.6C recorded in August 1990. Snow fell on just 8 days in 2007 chiefly on the few cold days during January, February and March which were otherwise exceptionally mild. The coldest night was on 7th February with a low of -5.8C. Since March 2001, temperatures have failed to fall to below -8.2C.

2007 was also a wet year. At 784.1mm this was the wettest year since 1992 (874.3mm) and overall the 9th wettest year on record. The normal average is 652.4mm. Both May and June saw record-breaking rainfall between 2.5 and 3 times the average (130.3mm and 176.1mm respectively), but several other months also had above average rainfall notably February and March. However, April was the driest in Northampton since 1938 with just 1.6mm. In addition to record breaking monthly totals, some individual days delivered significant amounts of rain. For example, 68.8mm fell on 14th June (one of the wettest days on record with the exception of the Easter floods of 1998), 30.8mm on 27th May (the wettest Bank Holiday on record) and 26.6mm on 20th July which triggered floods in the south of the county.

Despite all the rain, 2007 did record above average hours of bright sunshine. 1534 hours were recorded in total, compared to an average of 1323.3 hours. Unusually, April saw more hours of sunshine than any of the three summer months (June-August) at 213.3hrs, but then April was exceptionally dry.