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Headline: Generally a very dry month well below average. Mild during the third week before ending with a cold snap.


Headline: Despite a mild spell around mid-month, it was generally cold with temperatures below average. Rather dull and grey at times with snow showers in the final week.


Headline: A cold month with temperatures well below average. Despite a couple of mild days in the second week, the arrival of Spring was not felt until the final week. Again, rainfall was below average.


Headline: A changeable month with a succession of frontal systems crossing the county separated by ridges of high pressure. Mostly mild despite a cold spell early on


Headline: Very wet with more than one and half times the average rainfall. A warm start, but turning progressively cooler as the month proceeded.


Headline: The driest June in Northampton for more than 80 years. A heatwave around mid-month culminated in above average temperatures.


Headline: The warmest July in Northampton for 20 years with the 19th being the warmest July day on record. Several intense thunderstorms resulted in above average rainfall.


Headline: Generally unsettled with rainfall significantly above average. Some spectacular thunderstorms around mid-month. Temperature and sunshine very much in line with the average for August


Headline: The warmest September since 1985 and the second warmest since 1949. Sunshine recorded above average.


Headline: An exceptionally mild month with an absence of ground or air frost and above average rainfall.


Headline: High pressure dominated the first week with some chilly mornings, but thereafter the county came under the influence of a run of very active Atlantic lows and a mild south-westerly airstream.


Headline: A strong cyclonic influence resulted in very mild temperatures and high rainfall over the first half of the month. A protracted period of anticyclonic gloom then followed across the Christmas period

Climatological Statistics for 2006

Air Temperatures:
The Highest Maximum:   35.5C on 19th July
The Lowest Maximum:   -1.3C on 2nd February
The Highest Minimum:    19.8C on 20th July
The Lowest Minimum:   -6.4C on 3rd March
The Mean Maximum:   15.1C
The Mean Minimum:   7.1C
The Overall Mean:   10.5C

Difference from the 1971-2000 mean: +0.2C

Relative Humidity:
Highest Relative Humidity (at 0900):  100% on 7th & 22nd January; 18th & 19th February; 18th October &  20th December
Lowest Relative Humidity (at 0900):  30.7% on 19th July
Mean Relative Humidity (at 0900):  83.8%

Dew Point:
Highest Dew Point (at 0900):   20.1C on 27th July
Lowest Dew Point (at 0900):   -5.1C on 5th April
Mean Dew Point (at 0900):   8.2C

Total:      624.1mm
Duration:     415.0hrs
Highest 24 hour fall (from 0900):  23.2mm on 11th October
Rain Days (>/=0.2mm):    172
Wet Days (>/=1.0mm):    121

Difference from the 1971-2000 mean: 100.8%

Total Duration of Bright Sunshine:  1502.1hrs
Sunniest day:     15.5hrs on 18th July
Sunless days:     64
Cloud cover (mean at 0900):   5.6 oktas (70.0%)

Difference from the 1971-2000 mean: 113.5%

Pressure (reduced to sea level at 0900):
Highest Pressure:    1044.4mb on 22nd December
Lowest Pressure:    980.4mb on 23rd November
Mean Pressure:     1015.2mb

Run of wind (mean over 24 hrs):  118.5 miles
Mean daily wind speed:    6.4 mph
Run of wind:     43218 miles
Highest Maximum Gust:   55 mph on 29th December
Other Gusts >/= 50mph:   none
Highest wind strength (at 0900):  27.7mph on 5th December
Mean wind strength (at 0900):   7.3mph

Winds from the Following Directions:

N 53 NE 26 E 23 SE 20 S 72 SW 59 W 29 NW 64 Calm 19

Ground Temperatures:
Lowest Grass Minimum: -9.6C on 4th March
Mean Grass Minimum: 3.9C
Lowest Concrete Minimum: -5.5C on 23rd March
Mean Concrete Minimum: 6.4C
Lowest Bare Earth Minimum: -5.5C on 7th March
Mean Bare Earth Minimum: 6.2C

Soil/Earth Temperatures:
Surface mean: 11.1C
5cm mean: 10.6C
10cm mean: 10.9C
20cm mean: 11.2C
30cm mean: 11.5C
40cm mean: 11.5C
50cm mean: 11.8C
100cm mean: 11.3C

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