t s e n t r y

Lightning and Thunderstorm Early Warning Messaging Service

TSentry is a fully automated emailing messaging service providing early warning of approaching thunderstorms throughout Northamptonshire. When a thunderstorm is detected, a TSentry generated email is sent to you, giving full details of the approaching storm. The email will contain information on the severity of the storm, the current distance from Pitsford Hall and the direction in which it is heading. Following an alert, if there has been no activity for 30 minutes you will be sent a further 'all clear' message.

Before subscribing, users are reminded that the TSentry system is fully automated and as a result we have no control over how many alerts and all clear messages are sent out, it totally depends on thunderstorm activity.

In common with our other services, we make no charge for TSentry.

To subscribe to TSentry, click on the following link:

Subscribe to TSentry from Pitsford Hall

You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the following link:

Unsubscribe to TSentry from Pitsford Hall
As with all lightning detection systems, the equipment in use at Pitsford Hall cannot be relied upon for the complete protection of life and property. The release of an 'all clear' message does not necessarily imply the cessation of all risk and individuals should always take steps to ensure their own personal protection.